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Route Monkey is an acknowledged leader in developing and applying algorithms to solve complex challenges in the mobility and energy sectors.

We provide bespoke algorithm development to a range of clients, helping them to solve specific and unique problems.






Heuristic Algorithms

Route Monkey’s algorithms draw on a wide range of artificial intelligence software technologies, with a focus on expertly-tailored hybrids, to produce multiple approaches for solving the problem at hand. 

For problems centred in schedule logistics, we refactor and configure heuristic, meta-heuristic and planning algorithms from our toolbox, with specialised add-ons where appropriate.

For wide-horizon and large-scale planning we draw on classical, state-of-the-art and bespoke forecasting technologies, often innovatively integrated with logistics techniques. All of this is packaged in an intuitive, easy-to-use customer interface.

Bespoke Algorithms


Our Team

Route Monkey’s algorithm development team includes renowned researchers who contribute to applied algorithm science at the highest levels. We are particularly skilled at translating state-of-the-art algorithm science into effective tools that solve real-world problems.

The team is led by David Corne, Professor of Computer Science at Heriot-Watt University. One of the inventors of the Hyper Heuristics optimisation method, Prof Corne and has been cited by over 12,000 scientists worldwide. 

He specialises in the development of new, cutting-edge algorithms for data analytics machine learning and optimisation – particularly for large-scale and/or multi-criteria problems.  



Research and Development

Prof Corne, a globally-renowned expert in Artificial Intelligence and Heuristic Algorithmic solutions, heads up our research and development programme. Along with developing more algorithms to address challenges in today’s world, we are also researching next-generation algorithms designed for quantum computers.

Quantum computing presents a huge opportunity for solutions based on algorithms. They will deliver even faster and more accurate answers than current computers, as well as enabling us to solve much more complex challenges. Route Monkey and Heriot-Watt University are working with the physics department at Oxford University to create and commercialise these algorithms. 

Bespoke Algorithms

Case Study

Featured Case Study: Iceland Foods

Contract Scope: All 800+ Iceland stores and circa 1,500 delivery vans

Key Metrics: 10% fuel saving and 30% increase in delivery fleet productivity


Iceland Foods contracted Route Monkey to provide a web-based route optimisation and scheduling tool to optimise its home delivery service, which includes same-day delivery and customer-specified, two-hour windows.


Each store uses Route Monkey via a web portal. Iceland’s headquarters in Deeside can also access all the data from every store, enabling its customer service team to provide accurate ETAs to shoppers. Route Monkey is also fully integrated with Trakm8 telematics, providing Iceland with additional fuel savings.


Route Monkey achieved a 30% increase in productivity for the delivery fleet. Combined with Trakm8 telematics, it also achieved a 10% reduction in fleet mileage for Iceland.

“Route Monkey has developed a very strong working partnership with us. They spent time in stores and with drivers to really understand the operations and have been proactive and responsive in adapting the software to our needs.”



Case Study

Our Clients

Route Monkey is proud to have helped optimise vehicles and assets for famous and respected brands including Alphabet, APC Overnight, Dennis Eagle, EDF Energy, Iceland Foods, Net-A-Porter, Scottish & Southern Energy, Shell, and Transport for London.

Environmental Savings

Route Monkey delivers proven and measurable environmental savings for its clients. Over the course of 12 months, we helped our fleet customers achieve the following estimated* savings:


Miles saved*

* Based on average 10% mileage saving across customer base


Fuel saved** (UK gallons)

** Based on average fuel consumption of 18mpg across customer fleets


CO2 saved*** (tonnes)

*** Based on 12.2kg of CO2 emitted per gallon of fuel

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