The growth of on-site renewables and increased uptake of plug-in vehicles both bring new challenges for energy management. Route Monkey is pioneering new ways of optimising smart grid applications, whether this is better management of peak load demand, smarter network planning, or transforming electric vehicles into optimised energy assets that generate savings for their owners.

A New Era for Energy Production


Demand Side Management

Route Monkey is an expert in demand prediction, aggregation and optimisation - we are involved in pioneering projects across the globe. Today, our solutions control demand-side assets, such as stationary batteries, electric vehicles and rooftop PV.

Our unique algorithms can aggregate and optimise energy management across multiple locations. Using this data we can accurately predict energy requirements in order to procure energy at wholesale prices. This creates substantial savings for our customers, large and small.

Route Monkey’s intelligent optimisation further minimises each asset's energy costs, by utilising time-of-use tariffs and demand response opportunities.  



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Fleet Electrification Strategy

Route Monkey’s expertise in optimisation enables us to provide unique fleet electrification solutions. By analysing your existing operational data, we can accurately demonstrate the potential within your fleet for electric vehicles (EVs), whether these are plug-in hybrids or pure EVs.

Through optimisation, we can predict cost reductions and emissions savings. These “virtual trials” therefore help fleet managers build the business case for EVs.

Our algorithms can also precisely calculate infrastructure requirements, such as charge post installation and any necessary grid upgrades. In this way, we furnish our customers with a complete TCO calculation for the switch to EVs.

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Network Asset Planning Automation and Optimisation

Route Monkey's bespoke algorithms team has created new methods to help accelerate and optimise network planning processes. This includes creating a completely new method to optimise the undergrounding overhead lines, which is traditionally done through manual planning.

Each new route is optimised against key performance indicators such as cost, time to build and social acceptance. The algorithms out-perform manual planning as they are able to accurately weight and analyse historic fault performance, construction and asset costs.



Case Study

Featured Case Study: Iceland Foods

Contract Scope: All 800+ Iceland stores and circa 1,500 delivery vans

Key Metrics: 10% fuel saving and 30% increase in delivery fleet productivity


Iceland Foods contracted Route Monkey to provide a web-based route optimisation and scheduling tool to optimise its home delivery service, which includes same-day delivery and customer-specified, two-hour windows.


Each store uses Route Monkey via a web portal. Iceland’s headquarters in Deeside can also access all the data from every store, enabling its customer service team to provide accurate ETAs to shoppers. Route Monkey is also fully integrated with Trakm8 telematics, providing Iceland with additional fuel savings.


Route Monkey achieved a 30% increase in productivity for the delivery fleet. Combined with Trakm8 telematics, it also achieved a 10% reduction in fleet mileage for Iceland.

“Route Monkey has developed a very strong working partnership with us. They spent time in stores and with drivers to really understand the operations and have been proactive and responsive in adapting the software to our needs.”


Case Study

Our Clients

Route Monkey is proud to have helped optimise vehicles and assets for famous and respected brands including Alphabet, APC Overnight, Dennis Eagle, EDF Energy, Iceland Foods, Net-A-Porter, Scottish & Southern Energy, Shell, and Transport for London.

Environmental Savings

Route Monkey delivers proven and measurable environmental savings for its clients. Over the course of 12 months, we helped our fleet customers achieve the following estimated* savings:


Miles saved*

* Based on average 10% mileage saving across customer base


Fuel saved** (UK gallons)

** Based on average fuel consumption of 18mpg across customer fleets


CO2 saved*** (tonnes)

*** Based on 12.2kg of CO2 emitted per gallon of fuel

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