Everybody gets hung up about EV charging - but its simple safe and can take a little as half-an-hour. And if you know your chargers and their locations you can multiple charge through the day to increase your usable battery range several times over. Three stints on a Rapid Charger could give a 100-mile range EV a feasible battery distance of 200 miles.

There are three types of charger:

  1. Slow: up to 3 KW - takes 6 to 8 hours. This is a domestic three-pin socket but if you’re charging at home get an approved charging box fitted for safety. 2600 charging points nationally.
  2. Fast: up to 7.2 KW - takes 3 to 4 hours. This is the power output of most public charging points. 6050 charging points.
  3. Rapid: 43 to 50 KW AC or DC that can charge to 80% in 30 mins. Growing use now and many on motorway service stations. 2000 charging points.

Always carry your car’s dedicated charging cable plus an extension cord just in case. To use Rapid Chargers check that your EV has the right socket and you’ll need a 32-amp cable. Evconnectors.com sell a range of charging cables up to 10 metres in length from between £120 and £150. You’ll also need to know how many chargers are in your area or points on your journey. 

The vast majority of EV drivers charge at home and unless you’re doing daily journeys longer than 100 miles you may never need a public charging point. But if you do you’ll need to plan your journey carefully. Most major cities will have several charging point options close by so if the charger is taken or not working you have an alternative. They’re also a very handy place to park for free – especially in London.