Tesla's New 100D is World's Fastest Car

18 November 2016

Tesla’s new Model S 100D is now the World’s fastest accelerating car with a 0-60 time of just 2.4 seconds – 0.4 seconds quicker than even the mighty McLaren P1. The £114,200 four-door all-electric saloon can now officially out drag every supercar on the market available today and has a range of 315 miles thanks to a new 100 kWh battery pack. Software upgrades to the £117,200 Model X 100D will reduce its sixty time to 2.8 seconds and bring the range up to 289 miles.  Owners of the current P90D Model S can upgrade their cars to 100D spec for £15,156.  The 100D now also has the longest battery range of any electric car.