Faraday Future FF91

23 January 2017

Faraday Future’s new high-end EV claims to be even faster than the record-breaking Tesla P100D with a 0-60 time of just 2.39 seconds thanks to a 130 kWh battery and 1,050 bhp.  Launched at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, the FF91 is longer than a Mercedes S Class, has a claimed battery range of 378 miles and will feature four-wheel steering, speed-sensitive ride height, liquid crystal glazing, 10 on-board HD cameras, built in radar, facial recognition entry system and driverless valet parking.  Post-launch 65,000 orders were taken in 36 hour with ‘priority’ order positioning available for a refundable £4,000 deposit.  No word on cost yet but Faraday say pricing ‘will fall into line with a premium flagship model’ – so expect £120k +. A limited run of 300 ‘Alliance Edition’ models will be launched in March 2017.