Over Charged Charging?

26 January 2017

BBC 2’s Daily Politics Show ran a story on the high cost of using some Rapid Chargers – now as much as £7.50 per half hour. EV drivers claim that the rising costs will act as a barrier to entry for new plug-in vehicle adopters and could make it cheaper to run a 50-mpg diesel. Providers have to pay as much as £40,000 to install the 43 – 50 kWh units so need a return on their investment.  Motoring journalist and EV campaigner, Quentin Willson, wants the government to treat the street charging network as a ‘national asset’ and is lobbying for electricity costs for EV charging to be capped. The Department for Transport says that electricity pricing for EVs is a ‘commercial matter’ but didn’t want ‘prohibitive pricing to discourage wider adoption’ and will be ‘monitoring the situation.’