Road Tests

Ford Focus EV


thumbs upQuiet, good standard kit, it's a Ford

thumbs downLimited range, massive price, small boot

Should You?

The first pure electric Ford has ever made is outshone by its rivals. The same price as a BMW i3 but slower, less fun to drive and with a much shorter range means you’ll rarely see a Focus EV on the road.  Two seats of batteries blunt the handling and it isn’t nearly as much fun to drive as a normal Focus. The boot space is down from 316 litres to 190 because of battery storage. Low speed punch is good and feels livelier than the 10.5 secs to 60 mph suggests. There’s a standard Sat Nav and half leather trim but at over £30k you’d hope so. The ride is too firm and you always feel the weight of the two battery packs interfering with the car’s dynamics. The grabby regen brakes make it hard to drive smoothly round town too.  If you were spending over £30,000 we’d definitely go for a BMW i3 instead. Hardly any used ones around but if you can find one don’t pay retail money – or anything close.

My Charging Life

Domestic socket charging takes 10 hours but four with a high voltage home charging unit. Rapid charging takes 30 mins to 80%. Range is claimed to be 100 miles but we managed 108 driving very gently in mild temperatures.

The Downsides

Ford came too late in the game with the electric Focus and based it round a standard platform. – and it shows. Combination of dull handling, poor used values, limited range and lack on fun factor means we wouldn’t chose the Focus EV. Shame that.


A BMW i3 is infinitely better.