Road Tests



thumbs upThey don't make them any more, the EV that started it all

thumbs downOnly 50 mph, limited range, not pretty, don't ever crash one

Should You?

A quaint curiosity now and only for nostalgic tree-huggers. Serious safety concerns with limited collision protection but was once Britain’s best-selling EV. Still quite a few trundling round London but useless except for short town commutes. 2008-on L-ion versions better (just) but a Citroen C-Zero or Mitsubishi i-MiEV is infinitely more refined and not that much more expensive used. You can still buy a secondhand G-Wiz with reconditioned batteries for £3,500. We don’t think that’s a good idea. Now replaced by Mahindra e2o.




My Charging Life

Normal domestic socket takes six hours or 90 mins with rapid three-phase charger. Battery range reduced in cold weather and can go down to as little as 25 miles. Some owners swear they get 50 miles per charge.

The Downsides

Crappy image, feels like a kit car, falling in value, Top Gear blew one up. Slow and miserable.


A piece of EV history - but best left in a museum