Road Tests

Kia Soul EV


thumbs upRoom for five, silent and refined, loads of kit, smooth driver.

thumbs downNot cheap, tiny boot, range drops in cold, annoying low range warning.

Should You?

Kia’s 109 bhp global EV is a class act. Decent speed range and pliant ride plus lots of cabin space. Standard kit includes air con, heated seats and wheel, sat nav, parking sensors and rear camera. Music speakers glow at night. 0-60mph in 10 secs and 90 top speed from 81 kWh motor. £25k after Plug-in-Grant makes it one of the pricier EVs but one-year-old tiny milers down to £18k now. Funky looks and clever interior make it distinctive. Lithium Ion battery pack has class-leading density for longer range. Smooth regen brakes work well and B Gear harvests energy in town driving. You won’t get the claimed 132 miles but we saw 110 in real-world driving. Much better than you’d think.

My Charging Life

13-amp socket takes 10 long hours so you’ll need the Kia home charging box, which brings full charge down to six hours. Rapid charger takes 30 mins to 80%. Get down to 25% range and there’s a vocal (and annoying) reminder every 30 seconds. Expect only 80 miles battery range when it’s deep and crisp and even.

The Downsides

Boot is only 281 litres, low range warning message obscures sat nav and lowish 90 mph top speed. Not much else to put you off though.


Proving very popular now and all that standard equipment actually makes the Soul good value despite the high list price. Long warranty and usual Kia fine build quality. We’re very impressed.