Road Tests

Mercedes B250e


thumbs upLovely driver, voluminous cabin, better than petrol or diesel B Class

thumbs downBig price, mumsy image, limited colour choices

Should You?

MB’s first mainstream EV is a cracker with delicate steering and cosseting ride. Massive 500-litre boot plus three driving modes, eight-inch tablet screen and electric bits by Tesla. Actually better to drive than normal B Class and costs around the same as B220d. Refinement and silence are class-leading and build quality well up to Merc standards. Optional ‘Collision Prevent Plus’ gives radar-controlled recuperative braking that lets you coast down hills in ‘Sailing Mode’. 0-60 in brisk 7.5 secs and good for 100 mph. We think it’s an absolute honey and better to drive than a BMW i3.

My Charging Life

Charging with 16-amp domestic socket takes nine hours from empty but 400-volt fast three-phase chargers do the job in three hours. Rapid charge in 30 mins. Claimed range is 124 miles and we saw 110 in normal driving using the clever three mode ‘box. Drive really, really gently and you’ll get 130 miles.

The Downsides

Very few, actually, apart from the hefty new price. Year-old 2,000 milers now down to £20k though.


One of the nicest driving EVs we know. Stunningly good.