Road Tests

Renault Twizy


thumbs upInsane, fun, cheap and different

thumbs downHarsh ride, 50-mile range, two seater only, you might get wet

Should You?

Probably UK’s cheapest (and weirdest) EV with used prices down to £3.5k. Doors an optional extra and classed as a quadracycle. A laugh round town but 50 mph top speed and realistic range of 50 miles makes it difficult for much else. Very distinctive and separate and tiny size makes parking a breeze. Boot is only 31 litres and weather protection limited. You lease the batteries for £49 per month and Renault 4+ care package with breakdown cover and free servicing comes as standard. Owners love ‘em and if you’re young at heart the Twizy makes a great starter EV. We saw a used 64 plate with 154 miles for only £4,999. Ride can be hard and you’ll definitely feel big potholes.  Smart ForTwo Electric Drive is a more refined mini EV with longer range and a cabin that keeps the rain out. We love the Twizy’s cheek and impudence though.

My Charging Life

Really easy and quick to charge at home on a domestic socket and a full juice-up takes just 3.5 hours. Renault claim 62-mile range but we got only 55 on test. You’ll drive it like a demon so expect mid 40s range if you really press on.

The Downsides

There are lots – two seater, slow, short range, harsh ride, no boot – but think four-wheeled electric motorcycle and you get the idea.


Guaranteed to make you smile.