Road Tests

Smart ForTwo Electric Drive


thumbs upBetter than petrol Smart, lively drive, alfresco version

thumbs downChoppy ride, expensive battery lease, hard to find used

Should You?

The electric Smart has been Germany’s best selling electric car for last three-years. Well-built, zippy in town with 79 mph top speed and 90-mile range. Clips along very nicely but, like all Smarts, strictly a two seater and the boot is quite tiny too. Widely admired by EV fanciers but £53 per month battery lease is hefty. Buy outright for around £15 after Plug-In grant or £12,275 with Smart’s Sale Care battery lease deal. Used ones rare in UK but highly prized and prices not much below £5k. Cheerful paint jobs and roofless version make this a charming town commuter. Much nicer to drive than normal Smarts and quicker too – 0-60 mph in 11.5 secs. Make sure you get the 22 KW onboard fast charging option. We were at the original UK launch and have liked the Smart EV ever since. Completely new version due later this year that’s likely to be even better.

My Charging Life

Charging from a home socket takes seven hours but rapid charging goes down to an hour but you’ll need the onboard fast charging facility. Range is a creditable 90 miles and the lowest we’ve seen (pushing hard) is 70 miles to one charge.

The Downsides

Bouncy on rough roads, tiresome on motorways and limited space but that’s about it.


A little poppet - if only there were more used ones available.