Road Tests

Volkswagen e-Golf


thumbs upLooks and feels just like a Golf, one of the quietest EVs, lively in town

thumbs downExpensive, choppy ride, limited range, battery only

Should You?

Conventional look and feel makes the e-Golf as practical as a Nissan Leaf but with a premium feels to cabin and drive train. Incredibly quiet (for an EV) and as quick to 40 mph as a GTi. Not quite as fun round town as a BMW i3 but pretty close. Strong standard equipment with Sat Nav and 8 inch touchscreen. Handles neatly and steers like a Golf but ride feels nervous and crashy on rough surfaces. Usual Golf interior space and boot volume on a par with a Ford Focus.  Selectable regen brakes a clever idea. Enjoyable to drive and totally undemanding but battery range in real driving is around 100 miles. At £30k it costs the same as a Golf 2.0 Tdi so do your sums. Likely to make a very tempting used buy. One of the most refined medium-sized EVs around and if your journeys are town-bound you could do an awful lot worse. Remember there’s a plug in Golf GTE hybrid too.

My Charging Life

The all-electric Golf takes a huge 13 hours to charge from a three-pin home socket and eight hours from a wall box. Use a 40KW fast charger and you’ll be juiced up to 80% in 30 mins though. There were some compatibility problems with fast chargers on early cars but issues resolved now. VW claim a range of 118 miles but best we’ve got on test was 99.

The Downsides

Apart from the price the only let down is the jiggly ride quality and that limited range which is less than a Leaf and an i3. A fine, well-engineered EV but we’d look at the Golf GTE as a better all-rounder.


A great effort from VW with classy ambience and solid build. Look for a used low mileage specimen to avoid all that painful first year depreciation.